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      Tai'an Xinli source Trade Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in chestnut, processing, fresh-keeping, export, as one of the processing enterprises, a daily processing of 50 tons of screening workshop, 1000 tons of fresh storage, our company makes full use of the local rich resources advantages. Perennial chestnut preservation, processing and export business, annual sales of 5000 tons, is now an important commodity inspection base for Shandong chestnut export.
      The company can export business for Chinese and foreign businessmen to agent chestnut. The processed chestnuts are exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, France, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. The company manages the large package of chestnut products: 80KG, 40KG, 20KG, 10KG, 5KG sack packaging. 1KG, 5KG small net bag packing. 10KG carton packing. The company is in line with the effective management way to seek the survival with the quality, the reputation seeks development, the mutual benefit, the common development as the goal, with our sincere and the strength to win the customer's trust and satisfaction

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